Custom Framing Technique
A picture can be framed many different ways.  We will help you choose
with confidence a design and the techniques that are right for you!

We will ask you some questions about where you are putting your piece,
your tastes and ideas, color schemes that already exist, then we will
suggest what will work best.  Many times a client will want what is best for
the art, and other times we will consider the installation environment.  
Either way, we will give you several choices that will look great!

Once the design has been established, we will suggest the appropriate
framing techniques to enhance your artwork.
Click here to see examples of cool frame jobs we've done.
Lesser Known Facts About

Most people are aware of the aesthetic
advantages to using matting, but are surprised
to hear of the more practical reasons to mat
your artwork.  While pleasing to the eye, it also
provides a space between the art and the
glass.  The space protects the art from
possible condensation.  Condensation can
create an environment where mold can grow
and photographs can stick to the glass
creating permanent damage!  Matting also
provides a structural support for the artwork,
helping keep it from waving and buckling. We
suggest using only acid free matting materials!
Conservation Framing:

Basically, the goal of good conservation framing is
being able to unframe your artwork years from now
and have it come out of the frame in the same
condition that we put it into the frame.

We use top quality removable linen tapes, plastic
corners, acid free matboards and backing, and UV
glass to create this environment.
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