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The artist creates a personal vision of the world, or the world as he sees it, for others to view,

In so doing, the artist bares his soul for the entire viewing public to see.


As an artist I look at what others consider mundane or uninviting - from the bow of a boat to the branch of a tree, from a few discarded objects to the play of shadows on rocks, to the reflections of a boat’s hull against the ever moving water - and see an opportunity for a painting.


Nature and man’s interactions with nature are the main theme of my work.
Be it the remains of old weathered wooden piers, driftwood, old man-made objects that have
found  their way into the environment, or just natural objects - trees, rocks, water .

 The work itself may represent man’s intrusion into nature or natures own forces at work.
The search for subject matter is never far away. It is as near as a lake, the seashore, the local

walking trail, or the back yard.

Each season brings new opportunities for new paintings.


My media of choice is acrylic, because it allows me to choose to work as in oil paint or a looser watercolor style or something in-between, all in one media

1 Boston Post Road East

 Marlborough, MA, 01752


Tel: (508) 485-2580


Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am - 5:30pm

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