2 Person Exhibit - "Two of Us"

Featuring artwork by

Janet Schwartz & Dave Kaphammer

This artwork is no longer in our gallery. Please contact us for availability.

Pastel by Dave Kaphammer
Pastel by Dave Kaphammer
Pastel by Dave Kaphammer
Pastel by Dave Kaphammer

Dave Kaphammer

I feel a sense of hopefulness, optimism and energy when I’m out in a landscape infused with strong sunlight. Late afternoon light breaking through trees, reflecting off water, bouncing off cars, or streaking across a snowy landscape –  fills me with hope and a sense that the world is a better place than it seems otherwise.   Strong light can make the most ordinary scenes we see every day appear magical.  


Lately I’ve been fascinated with old trucks and tractors, sitting idle for the winter, or rusting away into the landscape.  Light falling on them and casting shadows is visually interesting. But there is also a story in these images, about what happens to vehicles that have outlived their useful lives, that speaks to our mortality.  Do we look at our rusty relics fondly, as reminders of vigor and energy past, or as useless stuff taking up valuable space?  Can we take the time to stop moving through our busy lives and appreciate an old tractor sitting in the sun?

Schwartz_J_Fair Maiden (2).jpg

Janet Schwartz

My work currently includes a cross-section of subjects that explore different media (mostly pastels, oils, and charcoal), varied palettes, the variation of light on nature and architecture, and artistic style. Despite my need to explore diverse themes, I am consistently drawn to bold images, dramatic light, contrast and deep perspective. 


My work depicts my strong interest in painting rainy, blurry, realistic and impressionistic subjects. I am particularly drawn to the chaos and unexpected beauty of urban landscapes and traffic. Since my recent move to the northshore, I have found beauty and inspiration in the shoreline and the sea, and all that comes with it.


Trained as an art teacher, it wasn’t until four years ago that I had the time to return to art, this time with passion and conviction. I currently divide my time working in corporate training, teaching art, and creating and exhibiting my work throughout New England.  My workshops focus on the importance of value and composition in painting.