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Artist bio:

I’ve been drawing, painting, and photographing images that “grab me” for as long as I can remember, with breaks along the way for raising a family and working for a living. My training includes a mixture of private lessons, university coursework, ad hoc classes, and a lot of self-development.


During my work life, I enjoyed careers in Information Systems, Customer Service, and journalism, from which I retired after serving as editor for a local newspaper and doing freelance writing for a national magazine. Retirement has brought me back to art. 


As with photography, I enjoy painting images that move me in some way, but in order to stay focused and to help me grow in my practice, I often paint in a series, where keeping to one theme for a few paintings forces me out of my comfort zone and always teaches me something new. Some of the animal paintings on this site are from my “Spirit Animals” series. 


I was born and raised in New England, and am often drawn to landscapes and seascapes that are a hallmark of the New England countryside. But I have also travelled to some wonderful places that offer their own special imagery, among them at least a dozen states across the country, and internationally, islands in the Caribbean, cities in France, and villages in Nicaragua. Then there are the animals I love, the scenes that take my breath away, and images that inspire deeper meaning….  So many things to paint, so little time!

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