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Do red and yellow make orange?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

I got a phone call this week asking how do you make orange? I thought it was a bit of a strange phone call, most people would say red and yellow.... Anyway, I answered red and yellow and got an 'ok thanks'. I thought that was the end of that. But you see, I am helping out with the Bolton school play sets for the upcoming student performance of Alice in Wonderland. I showed up on my night to help and had to mix some orange myself. I took the paint and I mixed up red and yellow and I got some pinkish coral color! That explained the earlier mentioned phone call!! Why, you may wonder, am I telling this story?? Almost every day I talk to people who want to learn to paint, or they are picking up some paints for their kids who want to learn to paint. Every time, I recall a conversation I had with a professor in college who said, don't buy student grade paint. You can't learn to paint with cheap paint, and this is why! Student paints have fillers and opacifiers which affect how they behave. How can you learn to mix colors if mixing red and yellow make coral? Do yourself and your kids a favor, spring for the good stuff!! The results will astound you.

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