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A Dwelling That Is Beautifully Functional!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020


Why do we always end up saving elegantly displayed snacks, delicious home-made food, and beautiful hand crafted serving platters for special occasions? Recently I have been focusing a lot more of my attention on creating the life I really want. Part of that process has included eating really well and making small changes to my home by collecting beautifully made, quality products that will last and make even my habitual daily experiences wonderfully satisfying. That is why it makes me so excited that we now have American Stonecraft items in the shop! I am definitely going to get my hands on one of the food slabs. I like the idea of treating myself every day by making my home and eating experience as pleasurable as possible. To top it off, I love that all of these beautifully functional items are made from the stones that scatter the New England landscape. I can't wait to incorporate these into my dining experience. They will also make great wedding and house-warming gifts :-)

If you are interested in knowing more about the process through which these stone products are made, feel free to read the story here. We have several sizes of food slabs as well as the coasters here at Post Road Art Center!

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