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Artists have the biggest hearts!

A note from my good friend and artist of the month gone long, elizabeth ricketson:

In this uncertain time, I like many others are filled with worry and uncertainty. I am a painter by trade but a mother always. My heart and my love will forever be dedicated to my children. Grown now and facing their own pandemic challenges I have decided to offer a Mother’s Day art special. Art should be put to work and benefit those in need right now. I am grateful to Randi and Post Road Art Center for her never ending support of artists like myself. Who knew my one-woman show would turn into Randi’s one woman show as she works tirelessly to keep Post Road Art Center available to us all? Thank you, Randi!

My son in law, Jon, is a PA in Cambridge and Boston emergency rooms. He is on the front line. He is my hero. My daughter, Emily, is expecting their first child and my first grandchild in early September. The worry is great in this curious and scary time. My son Daniel is a Type 1 diabetic so while he faces daily health challenges always this virus is increasingly frightening for him. Countless sleepless nights have not provided me with the answers to help my children navigate their way through the understandable worry but what I can do as a mother and an artist is to try make my work provide benefit and offer some relief to those in need right now. Somehow and in some way…

As a mother and soon to be grandmother I worry that people do not have food during unimaginable jobless rates and job insecurities. I cannot bear to think about children, families, the elderly and anyone in between being food insecure. I have decided that the most helpful thing I can do for the greater good is to offer a 20% donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank for each painting sold through and including Mother’s Day.

I hope you find a piece of art to love and know that we are all in this together…

Stay safe and healthy!


Be sure to check out her work! Support a great cause, a great artist and me!

Purchase a few of her pieces today.

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