Solo Exhibit - Bob Collins

This artwork is no longer in our gallery. Please contact us for availability.

Robert Collins Artist Statement:

This body of work represents four years of an investigation of still life painting and sculpture.  You will not find a defined table top, beautifully placed romantic objects, or even a defined light source.  Instead you will experience the relationships between objects, vertical compositions, controlled space and design. You will discover, as I did, a more complex love for two dimensional design and composition.


I look long and hard for relationships between objects, vertical movements, and value balance.  These are the harmonious relationships I see in an every day still life situation.  In this work, the paintings and sculptures come first, with their own vocabulary and style.  Second, comes a slight glimpse of formal still life concerns.  Spirit and a poetic thought communicate to the viewer before the actual look and feel of a traditional still life.  This emphasis on two dimensional concerns and vertical relationships take the viewer to new experiences in still life viewing.  This creates an abstracted view of the still life putting the emphasis on the design and sensibilities of the artist.


These two dimensional design concerns actually allow me to express a more authentic still life, ones created with emotion and feeling that can be set aside from the traditional literal approach to this classical subject matter.

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