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Due to Covid 19, I have added an additional section to our website to assist in online shopping.

Click the green button to check it out

Please be aware that we do not stock everything listed 

Your card will not be charged until we review your order and contact you personally

We still have other items listed on our website (orange button) that may not be on

the new site.  I hope to have these merged into one page soon

Please feel free to contact me for guidance

I truly appreciate your orders during this difficult time!

See what is on special
Some of these items may be special order
These items are in stock

Art Supplies

notebooks (lined and black paper)

Gessed Hardboard

Pencil/colored pencil holders

marker sets

Wood boards

Unison Pastels

Stretched Canvas

M. Graham Oil Paints

Basset Easel


Pastels and Conte Crayon

Williamsburg Oil Paints

Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic Brushes (synthetic and natural)

Studio Easel

Canvas Paper and Painting Pads

M. Graham Acrylic Paint

Golden Acrylic Mediums

Golden High Flow Paint

Golden Fluid Paint

Golden Paint

Art Books!

Prismacolor Pencil

Drawing Supplies


Watercolor and drawing notebooks

Hand Rolled Richeson Soft Pastels

Watercolor Paper and Canson Pastel Paper

watercolor paper pads

Oil Paint Markers

Grey Matters brushes

Oil Painting Mediums

Watercolor Paper and Paint Sets

Studio Soup - great for cleaning plant clogged brushes!

Palette paper and mixing trays

Plein Air Easels

Richeson Hand Rolled Soft Pastel Sets

Watercolor sets - Regular and Metallic

Mini Canvases

Table Easels

Stabilo woodies

Aluminum Easels

Golden Paint Sets

Graphite Putty

Aluminum Easels

Artist Books

Tube Wringer

Adult and Kids Coloring Books

Toned Tan and Gray Sketch Books

Aqua Boards, Clay Boards and other hard boards

Wooden Table Easel

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