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How do you create the time?

For over 25 years I have worked hard to bring art into people's lives. Yet every day it is a struggle to find the time to create my own...

Why do you buy art?

At the risk of bringing up politics in the newsletter..... I was reading this article about Trump purchasing a portrait of himself at a...

Acrylic vs Oil

Golden Artist Colors Inc. is constantly putting out great articles for artists. I post the ones I find most interesting to share. I...

M. Graham Paints

With all the excitement about the new Williamsburg paints in the store, I thought I would also remind people about why we have loved the...

High Flo Acrylics

We have had the High Flow Acrylics by Golden Paints in our store for a while now. However I stumbled upon this video today on their...

Tube Wringers are Amazing

Not only are tube wringers fun to use, they save you money by keeping you from wasting paint!



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