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Interested in teaching classes here at Post Road Art Center? 

Andrew Cefalu

I am a local published Freelance Illustrator. My focus is with digital illustration and concept art for fantasy and science fiction themed video games, board games, trading card games and books. I also create and color storyboards for advertising and film.


 Along with my freelance work I also teach several private lessons and drawing and painting classes at the Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA. My teaching approach is fun and easy. I work with you to improve by honing your skills on the basics and helping you break through your creative walls. Learning art only takes patience and practice, no secret talent or magic necessary.

Deer Rider Painting by Andrew Cefalu
Peter the Lava Dragon by Andrew
Tree Top Sniper by Andrew
Mystic Bird by Andrew
Anthony Reyes Rodriguez
2022-11-19 15.29_edited.jpg

I am a part of the National Art Honor Society, and the editor of my school's art and literary magazine known as Sachem. My job as a member of the NAHS is to help others through my art whether it is as small as a quick portrait or as large as making a mural for others. Sachem has a similar role as well in which I run art competitions to encourage students to submit their work to our magazine.  

I am an Indigenous Latino artist inspired by my roots.  Through my art I create outspoken voices, as well as push those around me to help those who are not as fortunate.


 I am also a national champion in Karate under the WKF and the AJKL, allowing me to teach and assist in seminars, as well as referee in tournaments. I was taught discipline, organization, and how to de-escalate conflicts that have gotten out of hand.


2022-09-07 14.22.06
2022-11-14 13.09.13
2022-11-14 13.26.07
2022-11-14 13.26.19
Anne Hunter
kids art classes, art classes, adult classes

Anne Hunter is the owner of The Creative Touch, a Decorative Arts Studio, where she teachers decorative painting classes. She has been teaching decorative painting since 1987 in her studio and throughout the United States. Anne teaches at the national conference of The Society of Decorative Painters and various chapter meetings in the US.  She has also taught at the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts in Ludlow Vermont. Anne has designed and marketed over 75 pattern packets, authored ten decorative painting books, developed two web based lessons and is published in leading international magazines.  She is an active member of the National Society of Decorative Painters and the Decorative Arts Business Alliance (DABA). 

Though Anne uses her talents mainly for decorative painting, her years of experience has provided her with a vast library of techniques that help students enhance their painting abilities and create dynamic pieces. She teaches students to use both paint and mediums effectively helping students to get the results they want. 

Goldfinch painting
apple cider still life
Project Books
Sunflowers, Van Gogh
Starrynight, Van Gogh
Music at Cowes Castle, Turner
Purple Poppy, Monet
Ashley MacLure
kids art classes, art classes, adult classes

Ashley is an artist and teacher that focuses on mixed media and interdisciplinary studies. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for visual arts through education and community outreach. She's especially passionate about the connections between education and art where young people learn to think like artists. Ashley earned a BFA in 2009 from Rhode Island School of Design in Illustration and an M.Ed. Concentration in Visual Arts from Framingham State University in 2023. Ashley worked as an illustrator for 5 years with clients like Green Education Foundation, First Act Inc., Pinwheel Books, Clambake Animation, and worked on educational illustration for companies like Amtrak, Cabot, and National Grid. Ashley transitioned to teaching high school art in 2013 and focuses on fine art in her spare time. Ashley's work has been featured in galleries throughout New England, California, and the UK.  Her series "Miscarriage Plates" was the subject of an Associated Press article that appeared in publications including Washington Post and the New York Times. Ashley lives in Northborough with her daughter and husband.

Bob Collins

Teaching Philosophy

Great teachers care about their students and their education, never wasting a minute or taking a day in the classroom for granted. The best teachers realize that it is the mastering of steps, taught with diligence, that enable great successes to occur. In that limited classroom time, teachers must supply the students with the necessary tools to become life-long learners, to have a firm foundation on which they can continue to build and fuel their passion. It is through this that the students will create their artistic vocabulary which will enable them to communicate visually through their work, for the rest of their lives. 


Art and Teaching Experience

Bob Collins has a BFA and MFA from Boston University. He studied under renowned artists such as James Weeks, David Ratner, Reed Kay, Morton Sacks, Philip Guston, Iso Papo, Harold Tovish, Robert DiRista, David Lund, Sidney Hurwitz, Joseph Ablow, Dorothy Bruce, and Jack Kramer.

He teaches drawing and painting courses at Rhode Island College, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Danforth Museum School, the Brookline Arts Center, and the Merrimac Center for Professional Development. He has also taught at Boston University and the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. In 2002, He was inducted into Who’s Who Among American Teachers for his contributions in Fine art and Industrial Design. 

Robert Collins exhibits throughout the New England area. His paintings and drawings have been displayed in the Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, the G. Watson Gallery, Stonington, Maine, the DeBlois Gallery, Newport, Rhode Island, the Bromfield Gallery, Boston, and the Danforth Museum of Art.

Chelsea Goodrich
head shot.jpg

Chelsea is a self-taught artist that specializes in acrylic landscape and urban-scape scenery painting. While she initially attended art school with a focus on illustration, a series of life decisions led her to pursuing other areas of study and she eventually finished school with a BA in Psychology. Over time, the drive to paint and create took back over, and despite earning the status of “art school drop-out”, she now holds the status of a full-time artist working in and around Marlborough. Her artwork was recently featured as the “Best in Show” winner at the Lexington Arts and Crafts’ “Flair” community art show. She also spends time as a painting instructor at a local paint and sip studio. 


Chelsea’s focus as an art educator is emphasizing each student’s inner natural instinct to create, and to lessen the voice in our head that judges our work and abilities before they’ve had a chance to flourish. After guiding students through a few key foundational techniques, her goal as a teacher is to encourage students see the value in the highs and lows of learning to master acrylic painting. 

nightscape proof 5x5_edited
Headlights color looks good_edited
Street scene 8x8 as scanned_edited
Landscape at dusk 12x16 color adjusted ready to print_edited
Erin Grocki

Erin Grocki is a Fine Arts teacher who works in a variety of traditional art techniques and digital media.  After receiving her BFA in Film/Video Animation at Rhode Island School of Design, Erin earned her MFA in Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts. She has worked for some of the major animation studios on both coasts including Nickelodeon, Walt Disney Pictures and Television, Klasky-Csupo, and Olive Jar Studios. She was also involved in the gaming industry at Hasbro Interactive and Miacomet, Inc., before finding her true passion -- teaching.  As a teacher of fine arts, she tries to impart her passion and appreciation for painting, drawing, sculpting and designing to her students.  In 2014 she was the recipient of The Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award for her extraordinary impact on the lives of students.

Kids Paint Party Painting
Kids Paint Party Painting
Kids Paint Party Painting
Kids Paint Party Painting
Kids Paint Party Painting
Kids Paint Party Painting
Drawing Comics
Drawing Comics
Drawing Comics
Sandra St. Amour

Sandra loves curves, saturated color and patterns. Watercolor is her favorite medium but she also draws traditionally in pencil or pastel and digitally in Illustrator or Photoshop.

She gained her training as an artist at Maine College of Art (Portland School of Art) where she earned a BFA in graphic design. Sandra has  taken classes at Mass College of Art, The Decordova Museum School and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.

Currently she is on staff at ArtSpan in Lexington, and The Danforth Museum in Framingham.

Sandra is also a board member of the Marlborough Cultural Council and a parent volunteer for the MHS Drama Club and Marlborough Music Association.

Art by Sandra St. Amour
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Art by Sandra St. Amour.
Kelly Garabadian

Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist and high school art teacher. Her artwork focuses on personal narrative, and she chooses her materials based on the story she wishes to tell. She especially loves experimenting with printmaking, image transfer and collage, and is an avid fiber artist as well. Her work has been shown at the Mazmanian Gallery at Framingham State, Lunder Arts Center in Cambridge, Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, as well as several other local galleries and exhibitions. 


Kelly received her BA in Psychology from UMass Lowell, a Master of Education from Framingham State University, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Lesley University. She is passionate about sharing art with others and empowering them to silence their inner critics and let the art flow through! 


In addition to her passion for the arts, Kelly is a strongman athlete, competitor and coach. She lives in Worcester with her dog, Peter, and looks forward to sharing her love of making art with you! 

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