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Randi Isaacson Artwork

Artist Bio

Randi Isaacson, born and raised in Framingham Massachusetts, studied art at Colorado College, where she received her bachelor's degree in fine art. In college, she painted surreal landscapes with strong bright colors in oil paints. Today the bright colors still remain, but she now works in acrylic, encaustics, pastel and caran d’ache crayon and focuses on realistic and yet impressionistic landscapes and waterscapes. "I am drawn to subjects that inspire calm, peace and balance".Randi opened the Post Road Art Center in 1990. The center offers fine custom framing, all kinds of art work, unique handmade gifts and jewelry, and fine art supplies. In 2012 Randi opened an art school in the building behind the Post Road Art Center. She has aquired a wonderful selection of teachers to teach oil, acrylics, watercolor, drawing, abstraction and the figure. Randi has been certified by the Professional Picture Frames Association. She is also an avid bike rider, often cycling long distances to raise money for charities.



Artist Statement

Provincetown has been an inspiration to me for many years and for the past few years I’ve spent a month each summer there. The simplicity of the land and the boats found washed ashore or bobbing peacefully on the water along with the artist community motivates and encourages me to sketch, paint and create. As I walk along the beaches and throughout the town, I capture everything of interest with my camera. In my art space, I shuffle through the photos, dividing and separating them into piles of what catches my eye, what inspires me and what I think I could build off of. I use my photos as a guide, using only the concept or a segment, I decide upon my palette, changing the colors to reflect a mood and the composition I am creating, from there I let the painting take it's own course. The finished paintings never look like the photo.

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