Online Art Classes


We are using Zoom for our online group video call workshops. Students will need a phone or computer that has video and audio capabilities. We recommend that you download Zoom (for free) and familiarize yourself with it before registering for a workshop. You can download Zoom by clicking the button below. 

Be sure to download the first suggested option (Zoom Client for Meetings).

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Current Classes

Private Lessons

Michele Clamp

Choose Michele

if you 

would like to study

Watercolor or Drawing

Erin Grocki

Choose Erin

If you would like to study:

Acrylic Painting





Andrew Cefalu

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If you would like to study:

Drawing, Illustration, Digital Art,

Cartooning, Acrylic Painting

Janet Schwartz

Choose Janet 

If you would like to study:

Pastel Painting